Equity Income

An excellent compliment to most investor portfolios is a transparent managed account of 25 stocks paying dividends. Today investors, especially those seeking income, must be concerned about two things, inflation and interest rate risk.

The NAMCOA Monthly Needs Portfolio, provides a hedge for both concerns. Walter Hester, Senior Portfolio Manager of the NAMCOA Monthly Needs Portfolio, has updated his portfolio performance.

Equity Income:  This NAMCO Monthly Needs Portfolio is a non leveraged, diversified portfolio, actively managed with an objective of providing long term capital appreciation and dividends.

Inflation Offset: The Portfolio adheres to a simple strategy of investing in a weighted portfolio of 25 stocks consisting of sectors that the average consumer spends monies on each month.

Portfolio Focus:  The Portfolio focuses primarily on U.S large-cap value stocks, but can invest in mid to small cap equities and foreign companies as well. The portfolio does not use any leverage.

Please contact LaToya Parker for more information.


Author: Paul McIntyre

Chief Compliance Officer

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