The Advantages of Investing in ETFs

The Advantages of Investing in ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are popular investment options available to the discerning investor. They are similar to mutual funds and index funds but with some distinct advantages. If you are looking for retirement investment options, ETFs are a great choice. Here are just a few of the advantages that ETFs have to offer:

  • Low Commission Fees – With a tight economy and increased cost of living, every penny that can be saved should be saved. Let’s face it, the less you pay out in investment fees and commissions, the more money that goes towards your retirement fund. And that’s the ultimate goal, right? Compared to index funds, ETFs have relatively low trading costs.
  • Allows for Speculation Through Intraday Trading – ETFs may be traded just like stocks. As a result, their value (price) fluctuates throughout any given day. As an investor, you are able to take advantage of the daily movements of an ETF and reap profits on a daily basis. Bear in mind however, that the possibility of losses still exists. Nevertheless, ETFs provide the ability to trade the entire market as if it were a stock.
  • Diversification – We all know that one of the keys to successful investing is diversification. With ETFs, you have the opportunity to diversify your investments by index type, equity market sector, geography (whether international or regional), industry, niche, asset class and more. Asset allocation is what will make the difference between a successful investment and one that fails to deliver the desired returns. With ETFs, investors have the opportunity to build a profitable asset-allocation model.

Whether you are saving towards retirement, or simply looking for great investment options, carefully consider the benefits of trading in ETFs.

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