Managed Portfolios

A “Managed Portfolio is a single investment account comprised of individual stocks, bonds, cash or other securities, tailored to achieve specific investment objectives  Put simply, a “Managed Portfolio” is for demanding investors who …

  • Seek the comfort of professional investment; guidance and a heightened level of personal service
  • Still want to take an active role in their financial life;
  • Desire the flexibility to invest in different strategies or styles, while seeking the liquidity and potential tax benefits that come from owning individual securities in separate accounts, versus mutual funds;
  • Want a single fee to cover ALL account costs including trading costs and performance reporting; and
  • Low-cost, transparency and 24/7 online access.

Your portfolio manager oversees the investments according to your specific investment objectives and in an investment style with which you are comfortable.

Managed Portfolios are also known as:

  • SMAs (Separtely Managed Accounts)
  • Actively managed accounts
  • Discretionary managed accounts
  • Privately managed accounts
  • Wrap accounts
  • Discretionary managed accounts

SMAs have some advantages over Mutual Funds:  SMAs vs Mutual Funds